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Third party payment will not be accepted (only from the borrower/co-borrower's account). If amount received from the third party, the same shall be refunded to third party's account.

There is a lock-in period of 6 months for part prepayment / loan closure from the date of first disbursement. If, the payment received within this period, the same shall be returned / credited at the sole discretion of Auxilo.

Borrower can make part prepayment / loan closure 7 days before the installment/cycle date. If payment received within 7 days of the borrower's regular installment/cycle date, then the same shall be credited / adjusted to borrower's loan account on the date of installment date/ cycle date.

Prepayment charges of 5% Plus GST is applicable on the amount prepaid. The same shall be deducted from the amount prepaid and balance will be credited to loan principal OR borrower can pay along with the amount prepaid. * Prepayment charges is applicable only to EIL customer.