Our Contribution to Support the Families that Support our Nation

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We are proud of our Defence Forces !

Auxilo takes immense pride in sharing equal solidarity to salute the great services of our Defence Forces.

There is truly nothing than can match the priceless services of our soldiers', who are safeguarding our very nation at the borders, and the sacrifices of their family members'.

To commemorate their inimitable services, we feel it's our humble duty to contribute our best in supporting the cause of fulfilling higher education of their children who, at times, may not be able to accomplish due to lack of education financing opportunities.

At Auxilo, we have introduced a Special Education Loan for Children of Indian Defence Forces at Zero Processing Fees. This special loan has been designed to encourage a large number of aspirants to make them realize their higher learning dreams.

We encourage the brave community to come forward and fulfill their education dreams through our student-tailored & hassle-free education loans. We are also sanctioning the same upon submission of all relevant documents.

Come & Apply for our Education Loan…

This special loan welcomes and offers all aspirants, who are dependants of Indian Defence Forces, to avail education loan from Auxilo
@zero processing fees !

That’s not it.
We have many more benefits for them that will support in achieving their dream courses.

  • 100% Financing

    We cover all education related costs, such as tuition fees, examination fees, living expenses, travel expenses & pre-admission costs.

  • Pre-admission Disbursement

    Our pre-admission loans offer 'proof of funds' which helps with securing Confirmation of Admission at their chosen University.

  • Fastest Loan Sanctions

    Our processes are in place to fast-track documentation and create a smooth experience for you, so that your loan is sanctioned swiftly.