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Empowering & Education Financing

Rising India And The Aspiring Indian

India is growing leaps and bounds and with it is the need of quality education. With over 250 million, India has more school going students than any other country. India also ranks high when it comes to the number of universities in a country but there still is a low rate of enrolment in education. Our society is growing at an elusive rate because of which there is a staggering need for top class education.

There is a huge demand supply gap when it comes to the educational framework in India and the current situation is thought-provoking. Therefore, it is our prime responsibility to fill this gap by providing an equitable, inclusive and robust education system and being education ecosystem enablers. The need to create an ironclad education system for our aspiring students is of utmost importance as they are the roots of India's development and overall well-being. To become a world leader, India needs to strive today by developing a world class education system.

who we are

About Auxilo

Founded in 2017, Auxilo Finserve Pvt. Ltd. is a pro-education NBFC registered with the
Reserve Bank of India.

Auxilo believes that it's the right of every student to avail quality education. We are taking steps towards ensuring that students acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions that they need to achieve their individual goals and to maximize their contribution to society and the country on the whole.

There is a substantial gap that needs to be catered to when it comes to Indian Educational framework. And to bridge this gap as an Education Ecosystem Enabler and a growth focused socially responsible fair lender, Auxilo offers financial support through innovative financial solution delivery to a wide network of students as well as to a range of schools, colleges and universities to develop a nation that takes pride in creating remarkable minds. India grows aspirational with every passing second and we at Auxilo, take pride in nurturing these aspirations and helping millions of Indians and hundreds of educational institutions get ready for the world.

Heart Of Our Business

Auxilo endeavours to influx finance to catalyse aspirations.
Our core philosophy extends into our financing matrix that comprises of 3 major components:

It's the aspirant's hard work and perseverance along with the aspiration to achieve education upliftment and thereby potential enhancement that forms the crux of our lending design. To this, we add the quotient of financial access thereby creating a matrix to structure more conducive financing to every aspiration worth pursuing be it a student or the educator.
This helps us innovate solutions which are paradigm shifters and enables us to fortify as vison of building aspirations.



To be a fair, valued & profitable institution with a healthy portfolio of happy customers.



Our mission is to enable the freedom of financial access across the country by building inclusive financial algorithms and models that shall look at potential financing rather than the usual route of pure-play credit financing.


Core Values

Every decision is driven by our values

Responsibility equals accountability equals ownership


Drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react and re-invest to make life simpler.


Proactive and receptive to change with the ability to move with dexterity.


Integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way, with a moral compass that doesn't waver.


The combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts. Unity builds the organization and the individual.