Service Charges & Fees


1 Processing Fee (PF) Upto 2% of the sanction loan amount
or as per Sanction Letter
2 Cheque/NACH/ Pre-EMI/ EMI bounce charges Rs.400 plus applicable tax
3 Default Interest Rate (Overdue Interest Rate) 18% per annum
4 Prepayment Charges As applicable or as per RBI guidelines
5 Property Legal and Technical verification charges Included in the PF for one property and
any additional property given as security
during the course of the loan tenor
charges Rs. 4000/- plus applicable tax
6 Loan Recovery Charges (Legal & incidental) As applicable on case to case basis
7 Demand Draft / Pay order issuance charges Applicable as per Actual Bank Charges
8 Demand Draft Cancellation charges Rs. 500 plus applicable tax
9 ROI Conversion As per Company Policy
10 Non-Postal Stamp / Stamp Duty on Loan documents Applicable as per State Stamp Act
11 NACH/Cheque/NACH swapping charges Rs. 500 plus applicable Tax
12 Duplicate No dues Certificate Rs.250 plus applicable Tax
13 Copies of Property documents –
Hard Copies / Scan images (including
documents retrieval from storage)
Rs. 2000 plus applicable tax
14 Custodian Fee for keeping Original Property
documents after loan is closed
Rs.750 plus applicable Tax per month post 60 days
from the loan closure date
15 Each personal visit to customer's place for collection
of dues or instalment cheque /DD/Payment
Rs.500 per visit plus applicable Tax
16 Cash collection charges 1% of the cash collection plus applicable Tax
17 Loan Foreclosure letter / statement
(More than once within three months)
Rs. 300 plus applicable Tax per letter / statement
18 Documents Retrieval & Handling charges
while handing over security documents and
Cheques on closure of loan
Rs. 1000 plus applicable TAX on unsecured case /
secured with other than property

Rs. 2000 plus applicable Tax on
secured case with Property
19 CERSAI Registry Charges As per actual
20 CERSAI modification charges As per actual
21 Disbursement Transaction RTGS/NEFT bounce
due to wrong accounts details provided
Rs.150 plus applicable Tax per transaction
22 Swapping of security property Rs.5000 plus applicable Tax per property
including legal and technical verification
23 Mortgage / security creation charges Applicable as per State Law
24 Any other charges applicable from time to time as per state or central government notification /amendment

Note: The above stated tariff shall change from time to time and the same shall be displayed on the Lender's website.