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We add value to our partners with our vast product lines, customizable options, attractive returns and multiple revenue streams.

Why universities Prefer Auxilo?

Here are some of the features that make an Auxilo Education Loan an advantage:

  • Flexible education loans with the quantum of loan as high as INR 1 crore.
  • Flexible collateral security, Balance Transfer options with multiple benefits and more than one co-applicant.
  • Loans account for altering course fees and/or increasing student needs.
  • Reduced student repayment pressure with flexible repayment plans available at a longer tenure.
  • Auxilo offers preferential interest rate to meritorious students.
  • Students planning to study in the US, Germany, Canada based on the GRE/GMAT scores, receive unsecured loans of up to INR 50 lac*.


Here are some of the reasons consultants helping students go abroad prefer picking Auxilo:

  • Auxilo is a preferred loan provider because our loans are hassle-free and transparent.
  • All loan procedures are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.
  • We provide customized solutions and 100% education loans to Indians, no matter which course they choose and where they choose to study.
  • We reach out to students, hand-hold them through complex processes, encourage, guide and mentor them every step of the way.
  • We fund new-age courses also like acoustics, music technology, golf coaching, motor sports engineering and leisure management.
  • Auxilo allows for multi co-borrowers, across multi-cities.
  • Our Education Loans cover all education expenses including prep classes, entrance exams, application fees, course fees, books, computers; pre-visa disbursement loans and pre- admission loans.

Who can partner with Auxilo?

  • Educational Institutes/Universities (India & Abroad)
  • Education Consultants (India & Abroad)
  • Test Preparation Centres
  • Visa Consultants
  • Direct Service Agents (DSA)
  • Companies offering allied products for students
  • Institutes/Universities
  • Foreign Exchange Companies


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