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USA is a popular education destination for students from around the world who wish to study overseas, especially for the post graduate programmes. It is a dream for many students who wish to get an American degree, which is why it is important to be aware of the admission calendar of American universities. We cover all the seasons so read on and start preparing to get ready for the world!


US Admission Seasons


Fall semester is the first semester of a US academic year commencing around August. It is often called the 'autumn semester'. It is a roughly 13-weeks long semester that goes on till late December or mid-January. It witnesses the biggest rush, especially from international students, with the application process for fall beginning one year before you join the course. In fact, many universities accept application only for Fall.

Take a look at the application timeline for the Fall semester to study in USA:

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August or September in the previous year are the months when the application forms for Fall are usually out. This is the time when you can start looking for the forms, education loan and financial aid forms. Also, this is the time when the chances of bagging financial support through an education loan for your admissions in Fall are high.

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September to December

December is usually the deadline to submit the forms. You have to arrange for your recommendation letters and also start taking the standardized tests that are mandatory for admission at the particular university you are applying to. You also need to make sure that the score cards of your academic performances as well as the standardized tests are submitted at the time of application.

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April to May

This is the period when you start receiving acceptance or rejection letters from the universities. Applicants will also be presented with the financial aid possibilities. Most importantly, you will have to decide on the program and submit any forms from your university of choice. You will have to organize finances and show proof of funds to the graduate school so that the international student office can prepare your immigration form.

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May to August

This is the period when applicants should start applying for their Student Visa. You can also confirm your arrival plans with the institution.

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The Spring semester commences in January and ends in May. Generally, a 16 to 18 week semester, the full term spring semester is the second most popular semester among students seeking admission to US universities. However, the application procedure for Spring is a lot like Fall.

Below is the timeline for Spring semester:

spring icon 1


The Spring semester begins in January and ends around May. It is a 16 week semester and is the second most popuvlar among students looking to study in USA. Start shortlisting the courses and colleges of your choice and begin your research in earnest. Begin preparing for various competitive exams such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, LSAT, IELTS, etc.

spring icon 2


The application process for spring starts during this period which gives the student roughly 4 months before the classes commence. It is during the same time that admission for Fall begins.

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The deadline for submitting forms is usually November. Candidates should arrange their reference letters and get their score cards ready.

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The orientation program begins in January. Beginning early January, the semester will last till mid-May. You should confirm your arrival dates with the university prior to this.

Please note: Do not get confused between the spring and winter semester because some universities refer to the spring semester as winter semester.

To study in USA, there are a few factors such as the type of course, the duration and the location that you need to look into. Though there are plenty of scholarships and grants available for international students, rarely do they cover all of the expenses and they also happen to be extremely competitive.

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At Auxilo, we pride ourselves on our student-friendly approach, right from providing pre-visa disbursement loans, fastest loan sanctions to issuing proof-of-funds to those who wish to study in USA.

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