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Education Is Elevation

Edevate Logo
Edevate is Auxilo’s CSR initiative built on the premise & belief – “Education is Elevation.”
We strongly believe that education is integral to an individual’s growth and development. With this initiative, we aim to maximize every student’s potential by uplifting them and creating equal opportunities for every student to succeed in their life. Under this initiative, we will be leveraging all the possible avenues and facets that enable education, create access and impact on the education landscape in India, today.


To build a sustainable and purposeful social impact as a corporate citizen of the society.
Tenets That Drive Edevate

Tenets That Drive Edevate

- Enabling Better Education Infrastructure
- Student Potential Upliftment

Enabling Education Through A Scholarship Program

Auxilo, India’s leading NBFC has now partnered with Buddy4Study, India’s largest scholarship platform to make education affordable and accessible for every deserving student. Collaboratively, we are providing scholarships to 22 students who have lost their parents/earning members, in times of COVID. With this collaboration, Auxilo is opening doors for meritorious & deserving students to receive the financial assistance required for quality education.

Special School

Enabling a Special School

Auxilo has collaborated with Bijapur Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS), a voluntary organization registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960, committed towards integrated rural development since 1989. With this collaboration, Auxilo envisions best-in-class education infrastructure and facilities for teachers & students to thrive in their school environments and create a brighter tomorrow.

Watch this space for more updates on the launch of these initiatives and stay connected in our journey towards making a change!
BIRDS intervention centre at Bagalkot

26th APR 2022 | Bagalkot, Karnataka

Auxilo Finserve, with BIRDS is proud to host an inclusive education programme on providing basic education of disability & sign language to hearing-impaired students and parents at the BIRDS intervention centre at Bagalkot, Karnataka on 26th April, 2022.

eDevate Workshop: Exploring innovative ideas and fostering creative thinking
Participants exploring innovative ideas and solutions
Participants at Edevate event collaborating and brainstorming innovative solutions
BIRDS intervention centre

12th FEB 2022

An Inclusive Education Programme for teaching Hearing Impaired Student’s and Parents on Basic Education of Disability & Sign Language at the BIRDS Intervention Center on 12th February, 2022.

Participants engaged in interactive discussions and collaborative activities during an Edevate workshop, and engaging learning environment
eDevate Workshop: Exploring innovative solutions and fostering collaborative thinking
eDevate Workshop: Creative discussions and collaborative exploration in progress
EDevate Event: A group engaged in a thought-provoking conversation, exploring innovative ideas
eDevate Workshop: Participants engaging in insightful discussions and exploration