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When it comes to your education, you need to make the right choices. And with Auxilo Education Loans, you can’t go wrong!

Choosing an education loan in India is like answering MCQs – there are several options to choose from and it is easy to get confused. Luckily, you can make a confident selection and enjoy a plethora of amazing features with Auxilo Education Loans. Our student loans are packed with benefits that have helped thousands of students achieve their dreams and reach for a brighter future!

Our loan offerings are uniquely designed to make handling your education expenses simple and hassle-free. We assure that the traditionally confusing and exhausting process of application will be made simple. Whether it is studying in India or abroad, we understand what strong finances can do for a student. Hence, our financial solutions take the burden of paying for your child’s education off your shoulders.

100% Coverage
100% Coverage

Auxilo Education Loans support you in every part of educational expenses. Pay the fee for your course along with your living expenses, exam fees, etc. with ease. We assure you of making timely payments to the college. Moreover, we offer 100% coverage, meaning zero margin money.

Loans without any limit
Loans Without Any Limit

We are firm believers in the idea that your aspirations and educations should have no bounds. In support of this belief, we pay your course fee, regardless of what it is. Whether you wish to study in India or go abroad, we provide complete cover.

At-Your-Door Services
At-Your-Door Services

At Auxilo, you do not have to go through the trouble of visiting our branch for any formalities for your study loans. We will visit you and guide you with your documentation along with the entire loan applicationprocess.

Applying for our Education loans is easy!

Reach Us
Reach Us

You can find us online or visit one of our branches.

Fill-in your Details
Fill-in your Details

Our application is simple & requires basic information.

Share the relevant Documents
Share the relevant Documents.

We can swing by and pick-up the documents.

Loan Disbursed
Loan Disbursed

Get your education loan and achieve your dreams!

Repaying your loan is even easier, see how!

Choose a repayment plan that suits your needs and breeze through the EMIs. You can make the process even easier by using our education loan calculator to thoroughly plan your education loan repayment.

Am I eligible for an Auxilo Education Loan?

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Types of Education Loans

When it comes to choosing a field of study, students today are spoilt for choice! You have so many courses to choose from right here in India. The spread of options gets even better if you decide to study overseas. And to keep with the times, we have developed specialized student loans that will bridge your financial gaps, no matter what or where you choose to study.

Why should you take an Education loan in India?

Pursuing your higher education is a dream that may exhaust all of your parents’ savings and force you to borrow from friends and family. Education loans give you a chance to overcome this problem and make sure those resources are there safeguarding your future. At Auxilo, we believe in making our students independent to repay their education loan in a less tiresome manner. We do that by providing competitive interest rates and a simplified procedure. Our aim is to make you independent for your own career growth.

Educational loans can be a stepping stone in your efforts to achieve your dreams. We want to make you accountable for your education by making you the primary applicant of your loan, so that your parents can be stress-free. An investment in knowledge today will help you to bear the fruits of it for the rest of your life. Consider this loan as an investment for your better future.

Safeguard from Inflation

Some students choose to save money and cover the cost of their course on their own. However, due to inflation, the cost of the course keeps increasing. An education loan also safeguards you from currency fluctuation – in case you choose to study at a foreign university.

Save for Contingencies

Emergencies can crop at any time! When you take an education loan, you can tuck away funds to cover these contingencies without having to tap into your life savings or liquidate your assets. However, when you self-finance, you might be forced to utilize these financial resources leaving you empty-handed when an emergency does arise.

Financial Responsibility

Handling your education loan EMIs gives you valuable repayment experience. You learn how to juggle income, expenses and your monthly installments. This can be very helpful in the future when you need to take a bigger loan – such as a home loan or a personal loan.

Build your Credit Score

Successfully repaying an education loan will do your credit score a world of good! And again, this can be very helpful in the future – it could help you with lower interest rates, higher loan amounts and better processing fee on loans you take later on in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions! Find your answers below:

With the cost of education continually on the rise and the limited availability of financial assistance or scholarship aid, higher education funding can be very challenging. At Auxilo, we understand this and hence offer a Pre-admission Education Loan, basis the preparatory exams scores and student's strength or credit worthiness of the applicant/s (parents/guardian/co-borrower/borrower). A student can use this to present the same as proof of funds while applying for admissions to different universities/institutes.
In fact, with an Auxilo Pre-admission Education Loan, an applicant can strengthen his/her case for admission, including the choice of course.
Auxilo funds all those countries which give the Indian student community a bright future to look forward to.
Auxilo uses a popular scientific method, which measures more than 15 parameters of the student and co-applicant strength. For e.g.: Popularity of university/course, credit worthiness of the co-applicant, etc.
Yes, Auxilo accepts multiple and multi-city co-applicants. If the eligibility of the primary co-applicant does not fit the Education Loan eligibility, he/she can add more co-applicants. We support multi-city co-applicants as well.
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