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Studying abroad requires a lot of planning, prepping, tests, finances and a lot more! Well, not anymore. With Auxilo, you wouldn't have to worry about education loans for studying abroad. Students from India are progressively choosing to pursue higher studies abroad. The most popular destinations to study overseas are USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, UAE, France and Ireland, to name a few.

The cost of studying abroad varies on a number of factors, ranging from the University, subject courses, and of course, the cost of living of the country picked. All of these are complex factors, but when you partner with Auxilo for Best Education Loan, we stand by you every step of the way and simplify the process, so you can focus on the important things.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of this multi-faceted field and can assure you of the best, customized study abroad loan options with offerings suited to your specific needs and requirements. Don't let your financial situation come in the way of your education goals and building a secure future abroad. Reach out to us and we will help you avail of an education loan for studying abroad that will take you closer to fulfilling your dreams!

Our features

What Makes Our Education Loan Special?

100% Financing
100% Financing
Pre-Admission Loan
Pre-Admission Loan
Merit Based Loans
Merit Based Loans
Attractive Interest Rate
Attractive Interest Rate
Pre Visa Disbursement
Pre Visa Disbursement
Score Based Benefits
Score Based Benefits
Fastest Loan Sanctions
Fastest Loan Sanctions
High on Services
High on Services

How To Apply

Flying overseas may take time, but Auxilo’s overseas study loan process doesn’t! Our lightning fast application process is designed to be transparent and hassle-free, while seamlessly taking you through the overseas study loan application process without a glitch.

Reach Us
1. Reach Out to Auxilo

Got a dream? We got you! You can start your admission process by reaching out to us with your questions, queries, or anything else. We’ll get to know more about you and your study abroad loan requirements and meet you personally over coffee (or tea!) We’ll talk about your academic choices, performance, courses selected, institutions selected, etc. and then counsel and collaborate with you to create a customized abroad study loan solution that works best for you.

Begin The Application Process
2. Begin The Application Process

Next, we would require your study abroad loan application and the validated supporting documents - check the list of required documents here – after which we start working on your study abroad loan process. Additionally, we will require details about your institution such as admission dates, course-specific information, admission related documents. These are mandatory to help us in the education loan process for abroad and verification.

Loan Structuring
3. Loan Structuring

We will verify and validate your documents as well as the enrolment of the student at the chosen institution. You can sign multi co-applicants and offer collateral security at this stage. This will be used when structuring your study abroad loan. Once we have verified your documents and analysed your case, we will then structure the abroad study loan accordingly and customize an offer that is best suited for your specific needs.

Get Funded
4. Get Funded

And voila! Get set to catapult towards success! We will present our abroad study loan offer to you and once it is accepted, the loan can be disbursed. Certain formalities may have to be completed at this stage, such as submitting additional documents or post-dated cheques, etc. Your institution fees may also be directly transferred to the concerned institute. Tuition fees and living expenses will be transferred to the student’s account.

The Aux Edge - Benefits Of A Study Abroad Loan

So why choose Auxilo for your Study Abroad Loan? Easy! We provide you with the best offerings, exceptional service at competitive interest rates! Read through to know more about the Aux Edge!

Fastest Loan Sanction
Fastest Loan Sanction

Our processes are in place to fast-track documentation and create a smooth experience for you, so that you can receive your loan immediately.

100% Financing
100% Financing

We cover all education related costs, such as tuition fees, examination fees, living expenses, travel expenses & pre-admission costs.

Pre-Admission Loan
Pre-Admission Loan

Our pre-admission loans offer 'proof of funds' which helps with securing Confirmation of Admission at your chosen University.

Customized For You
Customized For You

Our Study Abroad Loans are tailored around your needs and requirements. We understand how important timelines are and we ensure that you get the best education loan offerings, customized to your needs, for your career, in time!

Eligibility Criteria For Study Abroad Loan

Check your eligibility criteria for an Auxilo Study Abroad Loan
  • 1
    The student applying for the Education Loan must be an Indian citizen, 18 years old or above.
  • 2
    The student must have a confirmed admission in the Institute before Auxilo disburses the Education Loan.
  • 3
    The Education Loan must be co-signed by an earning co-borrower in India.
  • 1 The co-borrower of the student planning to study in India must be an Indian citizen and could be a parent, sibling, legal guardian, or a relative.
  • 2 The co-borrower must have a bank account in any bank in India, with cheque writing facilities.
  • 3 The co-borrower will be the primary debtor.


The courses covered by Auxilo are:

  • Graduation, post-graduation and professional degree/diploma courses conducted by colleges/universities approved by UGC/AICTE/IMC/Govt. bodies, etc.
  • Technical/professional courses like management, medicine, law, engineering, aviation, etc.
  • Degree/diploma courses offered by independent institutions like IIT, IIM etc. that have been approved by Auxilo.
  • Courses offered in India by recognized foreign universities.
  • Vocational training, executive programs and other courses that have been approved by Auxilo.
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Got A Question? Get Answers Right Here!

Every country has a different admission cycle, the best time to apply for loan is 2?6 months before flying, we do have pre-admission loan and pre-visa disbursements, with pre-admission you can secure your admission and with pre-visa you can secure visas on time. With all documents and information in place loans can get sanctioned in no time.

Sure. You may calculate your required loan amount and apply accordingly.

Yes, Auxilo accepts multiple and multi-city co-applicants. If the eligibility of the primary co-applicant does not fit the Education Loan eligibility, he/she can add more co-applicants. We support multi-city co-applicants as well.

Auxilo utilizes a comprehensive evaluation process, and considers parameters to assess the student and co-applicant's eligibility for study abroad education loans. These parameters include factors such as the popularity of the university/course and the creditworthiness of the co-applicant.

Auxilo funds all those countries which give the Indian student community a bright future to look forward to.

With the cost of education, while studying abroad is continually on the rise and the limited availability of financial assistance or scholarship aid, higher education funding can be very challenging. At Auxilo, we understand this and hence offer a Pre-admission Education Loan, basis the preparatory exams scores and student's strength or credit worthiness of the applicant/s (parents/guardian/co-borrower/borrower). A student can use this to present the same as proof of funds while applying for admissions to different universities/institutes.In fact, with an Auxilo Pre-admission Education Loan, an applicant can strengthen his/her case for admission, including the choice of course.

Auxilo offer loans at floating rates of interest - this means that your study abroad education loan interest rate can go up and come down. Therefore, it could vary because it is dependent on the external economic conditions and internal company policies. OR Auxilo offer loans with the fixed interest rate - this means that your education loan interest rate will remain same.

We have both secured and unsecured, how do we determine it ? based on your eligibility, score, financial scores, selection of country, university ranking, future potentials etc., Countries like New Zealand accepts education with security only. Secured loans get higher loan amount compared to unsecured loans.

More questions?

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What Students Say About Auxilo

Gagan Preet star
Gagan Preet

Auxilo helped me during last days just before my travel, as my I -20 arrived really late and I had to arrange funds really quick.

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Pooja Parab star
Pooja Parab

It was an extremely smooth journey with Auxilo.When major other organizations failed to provide me a educational loan

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snehal kadam star
Snehal kadam

When I had almost lost my all hopes then AUXILO(The best financial services ever) is the one who made my dream come true of studying abroad.

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Auxillo has made my dream of studying aboard come true.Entire process of loan disbursement was carried out smoothly

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Trishala Joshi star
Trishala Joshi

Before coming to the education loan, I would like to share my story. Being a bright student, I have good grades across my education summary till now.

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Roshan Dsilva star
Roshan Dsilva

I would recommend Auxilo Finserve for student pursuing Education in abroad, efficient and smooth process by the team to pass the loan.

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