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BSBS Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd., has been working with passion & commitment for over 12 years now to solve the problem of inequity in access to Good-Quality-Jobs (Aspirational Jobs) among small-town & rural area general (academic) degree graduates.

AKSeleratorTM is the flagship program of BSBS.

It is a High-quality quick-Learning & Market Access Solution (Hq2L&MA).
As an unique Executive Development Program for Fresh Graduates, it-
a) cures the deficiencies that limit our target group from accessing well-paying & upgradable jobs at entry level, and
b) takes the responsibility of placing them in entry-level managerial positions at min. Rs.3LPA salary by building the much-needed capabilities.

The duration of the program is 6 full months. It is fee-based with ‘Give-Value Get-Value as the bedrock of its philosophy.
The outcome of the program is essentially measured through quality job placements- at a fee to earnings ratio of 1:4.
The outcome is achieved through the high-touch, high-engagement, intensive, immersive, experiential & contextual learning process.

AKSeleratorTM serves as perfect solution for ordinary but ambitious general degree graduates in achieving a balance between their short term needs & long-term aspirations. To over 400 such BoP graduates, it has given a sense of dignity and success. It has added over INR 400mn in cumulative incremental income to their families.

The program is effective, affordable and scalable.

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Instant Loan Approvals
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EMI Options Available
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Post Disbursement Account Management
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100% Funding
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Digital Onboarding Process
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High on Services
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We need your pan number to know your credit history and process your education loan application faster. Your data will be safe with us.

Your parents, siblings, spouse, parents-in-law, first blood relatives, legal guardians, to name a few.

Pan card & Aadhar for KYC, identity and address verifications, employment credentials like Form 16, ITR as per RBI directives. The banking credentials for underwriting and ENACH setup. The loan sponsor/financial co-applicant consent, KYC, banking details as per the course and product.

It is completely safe; we will be using your Aadhaar details for identity-related transactions/operations. We are not storing your Aadhar number.

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