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Education Institution Loan

Auxilo enables the progression of education in the nation with low-interest rate loans to education institutions for their infrastructure and service development.


Building the education capacity of a nation is the key to building and developing its economy. Be it schools, institutions or any services related to education, we can be your capital catalyst to take your establishment to the next level.

Auxilo understands that each educational institution has its own unique requirements, be it private, public, primary, secondary, college, university or higher education and we fund any institution that provides education from nursery to school, training to graduation and post-graduation, in any/all education streams. Our term loans are competitively priced and flexibly structured, with repayment plans that suit your institution’s needs.

We finance a variety of education institutional needs such as construction, renovation, upgrading facilities, equipment, machinery, computers, labs, books, tuition and coaching centres, software and hardware, and much more.

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Education infrastructure Loan Process

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