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EDUCATION LOAN Eligibility Calculator

Calculate your student loan eligibility with this simple calculator. It will help you to calculate the amount of that you are eligible for.

Why use this Calculator?

Auxilo helps you understand your student loan eligibility in a matter of seconds! Use our education loan eligibility calculator as a guide before applying to help you find the amount you are eligible for and other common requirements, as per your eligibility.

* This Education Loan eligibility Calculator is for illustrative and educational purposes only. Auxilo does not guarantee its accuracy or applicability to your circumstances.
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The list includes the data of students funded by Auxilo and does not include all the universities in a particular location.

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The list above is not a comprehensive list and does not cover all the universities in the selected region. Auxilo Finserve students are currently studying in the universities listed above and we are constantly expanding our reach to the best universities, all across the world.Reach out to us to know more about other universities.

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