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Enviroskills Academy:
Launching Your Hospitality Career

Are you passionate about hotels and the tourism industry? Enviroskills Academy, established in 2017, could be your gateway to a successful career in hospitality management.

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What Enviroskills Academy Offers

International Exposure Enviroskills Academy is a pioneer in International Hotel Management education in India and Nepal.
Diverse Programs They provide a variety of courses, including a Bachelor's degree with an international internship, diplomas in Hotel Management (international and Goa specific), equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge.
Experienced Faculty A team of qualified instructors will guide and support you throughout your academic journey.

Why Choose Enviroskills Academy?

Financing Options In collaboration with Auxilo Finserve, Enviroskills Academy makes financing your education easier through loan options that cover tuition, fees, and other expenses.
Skilled for Success Their curriculum equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic hospitality industry.
Supportive Environment Experienced faculty provides guidance and ensures your success in your studies.

Take the First Step Towards Your Dream Career!

Contact Auxilo Finserve today or visit their website to explore loan options and finance your education at Enviroskills Academy.
Invest in your future, and open doors to a rewarding career in hospitality management.

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Got A Question? Get Answers Right Here!

Yes, the hospitality industry offers a wide range of career opportunities.

This field offers exciting job opportunities, the chance to work in different locations around the world, and the potential for a high earning potential. It also allows you to develop transferable skills like communication, customer service, and problem-solving, which are valuable in any industry.

Yes, the hospitality industry is constantly growing, and there is a strong demand for qualified professionals. This demand is expected to continue in the coming years, making a hospitality degree a smart investment in your future.

Enviroskills Academy should outline the specific skills and knowledge you'll gain from each program. This could include areas like housekeeping operations, food and beverage management, front office procedures, and hospitality marketing.

Loan approval timelines can vary depending on the lender's verification processes and your application completeness. Aim to submit all documents promptly to expedite the process.

In addition to the technical skills learned through coursework, soft skills are crucial for excelling in hospitality. These include:Communication, Customer service, Teamwork, Problem-solving and Time management.

A hospitality management degree opens doors to various roles, including:
Hotel operations:
  • Front office management, housekeeping, reservations, guest services.
  • Food and beverage: Restaurant management, catering, kitchen operations.
  • Sales and marketing: Attracting guests through promotions and events.
  • Event management: Planning and coordinating conferences, weddings, and other events.
  • Human resources: Recruiting, training, and development of hospitality staff.

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