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Financial Aid FAQs for Students

You can go back to your form using the same phone number you previously used. You can continue the application from the part where you left.
Studying in the UK can be a great opportunity for Indian students. Its universities provide world-class education, which is well-recognized internationally. The UK is also a culturally diverse and welcoming nation, which makes it a great place to live and study. Additionally, the UK offers a variety of options for students, such as scholarships, internships and work placements, which can be beneficial for students looking to gain valuable skills and experience.
We use Fast, Secure and Efficient technology to fetch and store data from your bank statements. All your banking details are completely safe and tamper-proof with us. We do not have access to your internet banking password, nor do we have the ability to change your banking details.
Living expenses for Indian students while studying in France will depend on the student's lifestyle and location. However, it is generally less expensive than studying in the USA or the UK.
Many choose business, engineering, computer science, and humanities. The UK also has good programs in law, economics, and social sciences. Make sure to ask the institutes for the latest info and to clear up any questions you have
At Auxilo, we operate distinctively with our unique Triple A Model - Aspirant, Aspiration, Access, forming the heart of our lending methodology. We are dedicated to providing financial access to deserving educators and students with aspirations to excel. Our commitment to innovation, transparency, and deep-rooted understanding of education finance sets us apart. Additionally, our direct collaboration with educational institutions ensures a streamlined process, redefining efficiency and eliminating additional costs. At Auxilo, we're more than a financial provider, we're your devoted partners in making educational dreams come true.
We use SSL and other industry-standard encryption technologies while exchanging sensitive data with the application and with banking partners. We are legally compliant with all data privacy and IT security norms in India.
Yes, Auxilo's School & College Loans can be utilized to manage short-term financial needs, which may include the hiring of skilled educators, training staff, and enhancing administrative capabilities within your institution.
Job prospects for Indian students after completing their studies in New Zealand will depend on the field of study and the individual's qualifications and experience. Students who have completed a degree in a high-demand field such as engineering, information technology, or accounting may have better job prospects. Additionally, students who have completed internships or other work experience while studying may also have an advantage when seeking employment. Additionally, Indian students with a degree from New Zealand are also eligible to apply for a post-study work visa, which allows them to work in New Zealand for up to 3 years after completing their studies, which can help them gain valuable work experience and increase their chances of finding a job in the long run.
Loan sponsors are individuals with stable financial profiles. H/She can be an individual ready to support your application with their collateral and income profile, give consent to your application and co-sign the education loan agreement with you. Your Loan sponsors can be your parents, siblings, spouse, parents-in-law, first blood relatives and legal guardians.
To apply for a student visa to study in New Zealand, you will need to provide proof of enrolment at a New Zealand institution, as well as evidence of financial support for your studies. You will also need to meet certain health and character requirements.
You can apply for an Education Institution Loan from Auxilo online at Click on 'Apply Now' and follow the detailed instructions.
Auxilo provides financial support to educational institutions for infrastructure development, technology upgrades, campus expansion, facility improvements, and other operational aspects to ensure smooth operational and functional processes.
It depends on how much money the student has and how they live. Some things, like college fees, are usually higher in the UK than in India. But other things, like housing and food, might be cheaper. In the end, it's the student who has to choose if it's worth studying in the UK.
Auxilo offers a diverse range of collateral options for securing your loan, providing both flexibility and convenience. Collaterals can include the institution's land and buildings, residential buildings, open plots, commercial spaces, and more, catering to your unique requirements.
The advantages of Auxilo's loans include Transparent & Fair Charges, Fast Hassle-free Doorstep Services, Dedicated Relationship Manager, Diverse Collateral Options, Secured & Unsecured Loan Choices, and Specialized Knowledge in Education Finance.
Yes, Auxilo provides a dedicated relationship manager to each customer for personalized professional assistance.
We need your pan number to know your credit history and process your education loan application faster. Your data will be safe with us.
Step 1: Request your current lender for a foreclosure form. Step 2: Approach a new lender to refinance your existing loan for education. Step 3: Allow the new lender time to complete the paperwork and approve the request.Step 4: Wait for the new lender to provide you with a cheque for your old lender to clear the outstanding amount.
The primary benefit of student loan refinancing is that it can lower the borrower's monthly payments and overall cost of the loan. Refinancing can also allow borrowers to choose a new repayment plan that better fits their financial situation.

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