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Financial Aid FAQs for Students

The loan can be utilized for numerous purposes such as improving infrastructure, procuring advanced equipment, financing staff development, expanding course offerings, and facilitating digital transformation.
To study in France, Indian students will need to have a valid passport and a student visa, which can be obtained by providing proof of acceptance to a French university and passing a language proficiency test such as the DELF or DALF. They may also need to provide proof of financial support and/or health insurance.
While availing of educational loans to study in India collateral may be required for some loan options, but unsecured loan options are available where no collateral is required, with us.
Yes, Auxilo's School & College Loans can be utilized to manage short-term financial needs, which may include the hiring of skilled educators, training staff, and enhancing administrative capabilities within your institution.
Yes, Auxilo's loans can help a play school to provide specialised training to their staff. This can enhance both the instructional quality educators deliver and the overall care provided to children.
Living expenses for Indian students in the UAE will depend on the student's lifestyle and location. However, it is generally more expensive than living in India.
Yes, Auxilo offers bespoke loan refinance solutions to manage existing loan liabilities, paving the way for secure future business growth.
The exact percentage requirements for admission to universities in the UK vary depending on the institution and the course of study. Generally, most courses will require a minimum of a 2:1 or equivalent qualification, or a minimum of 65/70% overall.
Auxilo's Education SME Loans come with transparent and fair charges, fast and hassle-free doorstep services, a dedicated loan assessment team, and specialized knowledge in education finance.
Step 1: Request your current lender for a foreclosure form. Step 2: Approach a new lender to refinance your existing loan for education. Step 3: Allow the new lender time to complete the paperwork and approve the request.Step 4: Wait for the new lender to provide you with a cheque for your old lender to clear the outstanding amount.
No, we maintain a policy of full transparency. There are no hidden charges, and all fees related to the loan can be found in our Schedule of Fees & Charges.
International students can get a study permit from the Governme-nt of Canada's immigration webpage. Common requirements are accepting letter from a Canadian education institute, financial backup proof, and a valid passport
Yes, Auxilo offers unsecured education loans without the requirement of collateral. However, the terms and conditions of the loan, including interest rates and repayment terms, may vary depending on the borrower's creditworthiness and financial situation.
Pan card & Aadhar for KYC, identity and address verifications, employment credentials like Form 16, ITR as per RBI directives. The banking credentials for underwriting and ENACH setup. The loan sponsor/financial co-applicant consent, KYC, banking details.
The candidate applying for the loan must be a resident of India. He/she must have confirmed admission to recognized educational institutes in India or abroad. The candidate's age must fall within the bracket of 18 to 35 years during loan application. He/she must undergo a graduate/postgraduate degree or a PG diploma. The applicant should have secured admission to a college or university affiliated with University Grants Commission (UGC)/All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)/Govt. etc. Students pursuing full-time courses need a co-applicant who can be either a parent/guardian or spouse/parent-in-law (in the case of married candidates). The co-applicant must have a regular income source. A strong academic record facilitates speedy loan approval.
One can avail an Educational Infrastructure Loan for 1. School Loan: Construction of school building for expansion purpose. 2. Infrastructure Loan: Purchase of equipment related to school operations. 3. Land Loan: Purchase of land for school activities.
Indeed, Indian students can study in Germany. Germany has numerous universities and course options. These are highly suited for international students. The student visa application process is simple. Plus, there are many funding avenues to help with tuition and living costs
A: Yes, you may require a co-applicant for your loan. The inclusion of a co-applicant provides the lender with an added layer of security and helps mitigate the risk associated with the loan. The lender will typically assess the creditworthiness and financial stability of the co-applicant as part of the loan approval process.
Collateral may be required for some loan options, but there are also unsecured loan options available where no collateral is required, with us.
Yes, you can apply for an education loan if your application is rejected the first time.

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