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Pan card & Aadhar for KYC, identity and address verifications, employment credentials like Form 16, ITR as per RBI directives. The banking credentials for underwriting and ENACH setup. The loan sponsor/financial co-applicant consent, KYC, banking details as per the course and product.

Your parents, siblings, spouse, parents-in-law, first blood relatives, legal guardians, to name a few.Loan sponsors are individuals with stable financial profiles.

Yes, there are a variety of scholarships available for Indian students studying in New Zealand. These scholarships can be offered by the New Zealand government, the government of India, and New Zealand universities.

To study in Ireland, you will typically need to have a high school diploma and meet the academic requirements of the specific university or college you plan to attend. You may also need to take standardized tests, such as the IELTS or TOEFL, to demonstrate your English language proficiency.

You can only avail secured loans from Auxilo.

Yes, there are a variety of scholarships available for Indian students studying in Singapore. The Singaporean government can offer these scholarships, as can the government of India and Singaporean universities.

Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd funds a large number of courses including MS in USA.

Your parents, siblings, spouse, parents-in-law, first blood relatives, legal guardians, to name a few.

We use SSL and other industry-standard encryption technologies while exchanging sensitive data with the application and with banking partners. We are legally compliant with all data privacy and IT security norms in India.

Any student who is an Indian citizen looking to pursue higher education in India or abroad.

The loan amount can vary depending on the credit score of the borrower & the cost of the MBA program. We may offer up to 100% of the program cost, while others may have a maximum loan limit.

You can work towards building your credit score by improving your debt to credit ratio. You should avoid applying for too many loans within a short span of time as lenders could view that as risky behaviour. Whenever possible, repay your dues on time and you can improve your credit score and report.

Studying in the UK can be a great opportunity for Indian students. Its universities provide world-class education, which is well-recognized internationally. The UK is also a culturally diverse and welcoming nation, which makes it a great place to live and study. Additionally, the UK offers a variety of options for students, such as scholarships, internships and work placements, which can be beneficial for students looking to gain valuable skills and experience.

International students on F-1 visas are allowed to work on campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week while school is in session. During vacation periods, students may work full-time. It is important to check with the school regarding the work permission policy.

To study in New Zealand as an Indian student, you will need to meet the academic and English language requirements of the institution you wish to attend, as well as obtain a student visa.

Unlike banks, we provide the fastest sanctions, cover 100% cost of education and without a need of margin money, we accept multiple and multi-city co-applicants for higher loan eligibility and most importantly we structure your loan based on merits and course potential.

Auxilo utilizes a comprehensive evaluation process, and considers parameters to assess the student and co-applicant's eligibility for study abroad education loans. These parameters include factors such as the popularity of the university/course and the creditworthiness of the co-applicant.

Student loan refinancing is the process of obtaining a new loan to pay off existing student loans. The new loan typically has a lower interest rate or more favorable terms than the original loans.

The different factors that are considered when lenders provide an education loan are the student's academic background, the co-borrowers job profile, the type of collateral that is being provided, and the university where the individual has secured admission.

Some of the most popular universities for Indian students in the UAE include the University of Dubai, the American University in Dubai, and the Birla Institute of Technology and Science.

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