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Financial Aid FAQs for Students

Auxilo offers a flexible repayment tenure of up to 10 years.
At Auxilo, we offer a range of loans to cater to the diverse needs of educational institutions. This includes Secured Loans, backed by collateral, and Unsecured Loans, which require no collateral.
Every country has a different admission cycle, the best time to apply for loan is 2?6 months before flying, we do have pre-admission loan and pre-visa disbursements, with pre-admission you can secure your admission and with pre-visa you can secure visas on time. With all documents and information in place loans can get sanctioned in no time.
Some of the most popular universities for Indian students in France include Sorbonne University, Paris Sciences et Lettres, and the University of Paris.
Your credit report contains the following information: Personal Details - Here, you'll find your name, address, date of birth, employment information, and PAN. Credit History - All the details about your financial accounts, including the day you opened your account, your credit limit, account balance, and payment history are outlined here. Public Records - Any foreclosures, garnishments, legal suits, and judgments are recorded here. Inquiries - If a creditor has accessed your credit report in the past, it will get recorded in this section.
Studying in the UK can be a great opportunity for Indian students. Its universities provide world-class education, which is well-recognized internationally. The UK is also a culturally diverse and welcoming nation, which makes it a great place to live and study. Additionally, the UK offers a variety of options for students, such as scholarships, internships and work placements, which can be beneficial for students looking to gain valuable skills and experience.
Yes, Auxilo's loans can be utilized to strengthen the faculty by hiring skilled educators. This ensures students receive instruction from experienced professionals, contributing to the quality of education offered.
Taking an education loan for an MBA in India can be an excellent investment, as it can help you to secure a good job and a higher salary. An MBA program can help you to gain the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to be successful in the business world, so the potential financial return from the loan can be considerable. Additionally, an education loan can help you cover tuition, textbooks, and other expenses associated with your MBA program. Taking an education loan for an MBA in India can be an intelligent way to finance your studies and help you to reach your career goals.
Yes, you can apply for an education loan if your application is rejected the first time.
Step 1: Request your current lender for a foreclosure form. Step 2: Approach a new lender to refinance your existing loan for education. Step 3: Allow the new lender time to complete the paperwork and approve the request.Step 4: Wait for the new lender to provide you with a cheque for your old lender to clear the outstanding amount.
The school has to be operational for at least 3 years before applying for an Education Infrastructure Loan.
As per RBI guidelines, we need your address as mentioned in your KYC documents for our records.
We also lend to applicants who are running Affordable/ K12 schools, Play Schools, Pre Schools & Boarding schools which are private & unaided.
Auxilo offers a diverse range of collateral options for securing your loan, providing both flexibility and convenience. Collaterals can include the institution's land and buildings residential buildings, open plots, commercial spaces, and more catering to your unique requirements.
A relative's bad credit report could affect you if you are dependent on them or they act as guarantors for your loan. Any negative credit history could hamper your chances of getting the loan you require.
Tax benefits may be available under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act, 1961. It's best to consult a tax professional or the lender for more information.
Yes, Auxilo's loans can help a play school to provide specialised training to their staff. This can enhance both the instructional quality educators deliver and the overall care provided to children.
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree INR 11.07 Lakhs - 24.90 Lakhs .
The length of time you can stay in the US after completing a Master's degree depends on your visa type. For example, if you have an F1 student visa, you may be eligible to stay in the US for three years after completing your degree in Optional Practical Training (OPT). You may also be eligible to apply for an H1B visa to continue working in the US after the OPT period.
Educational Infrastructure Loans are processed within 8-10 working days from receiving clear documentation.

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