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Auxilo launches branch in Chennai

Auxilo in Chennai: A Journey Unveiled by the Media

Auxilo's Role in Chennai's Educational Landscape

Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd, one of India’s next-level education ecosystem financing NBFC, has firmed up plans to dedicate a corpus of Rs 100 crore of loan amount to support two important education segments - School Infrastructure Financing and Higher Education Financing in Tamil Nadu. Auxilo Finserve, which is registered by RBI and started operations in 2017, today launched a focused customer centre office in Chennai to help disbursing this loan amount, by the end of next year.

To address the growing needs of state’s school education infrastructure development, including students’ classroom renovation to school uniforms, under one roof, Auxilo Finserve has designed need-based customized financial solutions to be disbursed to eligible schools/institutes. It will provide financing to more than 100 schools by next year-end. The proposed ticket-size of loans, secured & unsecured, for schools/institutes could go up to Rs 15 cr or minimum at Rs 20 Lakh.

Auxilo Finserve is poised to strengthen its expertise in financing higher education for students aspiring for global as well as domestic institutions, with the help of newly created customer centre operations. Interestingly, students are opting for high-end subjects including Robotics, Applied Science or Artificial Intelligence globally, and the NBFC firmly believes in supporting all kinds of courses, anywhere in the world.

Auxilo is prepared to enable loans to deserving students up to 100% financing. Not only that, it will also provide loans on education fees, classroom expenditures, pre-VISA, air-fares and almost everything related to the education cost. In fact, the company is in the process of consolidating an advantage pack – ACE PACK- for students’ aspiring for global destinations that would automatically provide post-landing benefits - air travel, vaccination, SIM card, accommodation et al.

As per Govt data, Tamil Nadu has accounted for 50% of all incremental education loans between FY 13 and FY 16. The Indian education loan industry disbursed nearly Rs 20,000 cr in FY 16-17, with a growth of 17%.

“We humbly believe that education standards in India, particularly in Southern states, shouldn’t suffer due to lack of financing opportunities. We are in the process of identifying schools and institutes providing basic as well as tertiary education, to further support them to match up with standardization,” says Neeraj Saxena, MD & CEO, Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd. We plan to disburse more than Rs 350 cr nationally for the end of FY 19 into both segments – student financing & school financing, he added.

In order to help as many schools and students across India, Auxilo is planning to strengthen its presence in major metros and Tier-I & II cities, where a large influx of demand is coming up for education enhancement. Currently, it has presence in Mumbai, Hyderabad and now in Chennai. The next centres coming up are in – Bengaluru, Delhi & Pune.