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Auxilo launches branch in Delhi

Auxilo's Impact in Delhi: Through the Lens of Media

Auxilo's Impact in Delhi's Academic Landscape

Delhi, February 22, 2018 – After having expanded its presence in Hyderabad and Chennai, Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd, one of India’s next-level education ecosystem financing NBFC, has deliberated plans to serve the education needs of Northern region, especially Delhi circle.

Mumbai-based Auxilo Finserve, which has been registered by RBI and started operations in 2017, has launched its dedicated customer centre in Delhi and earmarked Rs 150 crore to support the education financing needs of students for higher learning and Institutes for infrastructure upgradation, by end of FY 2020. Auxilo Finserve plans to support more than 750 students from the corpus amount by providing higher education loans, and would meet requirements of more than 100 schools in upgrading their infrastructure facilities, including uniform to classroom boards to bus facilities.

“We have been getting a lot of need-based educational financing requirements from parents of students for higher learning, at the same time, many schools or colleges look up for their premise upgradation. Our tea m of experts are meeting them personally to understand and provide the customized financing solutions to fulfill their dreams of education,” says Neeraj Saxena, MD & CEO, Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd. Our focus is to nurture the dreams of growing youngsters and educationists to further fuel the educational ecosystem of India.

Northern region or Delhi circle fairly contributes up to 20% of India’s study loans market, which has been growing more than 25% year-on- year. India’s educational loan market has gone up to Rs 70,000 cr in FY 16-17.

With opening three branches in just three months of time, Auxilo Finserve has reached out to as many students in fulfilling their study abroad plans, and reaching out to small to medium sized schools in rural and urban set up in order to finance their basic to advanced level of infrastructure development. The educational lender has designed customized financial solutions to be disbursed to eligible schools/institutes, with a ticket size of loans – which could go up to Rs 15 cr or minimum at Rs 20 lakh.

Auxilo Finserve is poised to strengthen its expertise in financing higher education for students aspiring for global as well as domestic institutions, with the help of newly created customer centre operations. Interestingly, students are opting for high-end subjects including Robotics, Applied science or Artificial Intelligence globally, and the NBFC firmly believes in supporting all kinds of courses, anywhere in the world.

Auxilo is prepared to enable loans to deserving students up to 100% financing. Not only that it will also provide loans on education fees, classroom expenditures, pre-VISA, air-fares and almost everything related to education cost. In fact, the company is in the process of consolidating an advantage pack – ACE PACK- for students’ aspiring for global destinations that would automatically provide post-landing benefits - air travel, vaccination, SIM card, accommodation et al.