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Auxilo Celebrates Women's Month with #YouGoGirl! Campaign

YouGoGirl Initiative: Elevating Women's Education

Empowering Women to Pursue Their Educational Goals

Ascending with the primacy of instituting education ecosystem in India and promoting higher education for all, Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd has launched a unique education loan campaign, only for women - #YouGoGirl! To celebrate the spirit of women empowerment in the month of March, Auxilo Finserve encourages girl students to fulfill their higher education dreams and apply for education loans from the company to get the benefit of zero processing fees on their loan applications.

Auxilo Finserve, India's fastest growing education ecosystem NBFC, provides 100% financing on course fees and also finances student's education related expenses. Any girl student planning for global or India based courses can apply for this loan during the month of March and avail the benefits of zero processing fees (which ranges up to 2% on the loan amount). For students who apply for global courses which are ranging up to 50 Lakhs, this campaign can be termed out to be a big motivating factor.

In addition to this, Auxilo Finserve spreads more joy to the occasion by gifting a retail voucher to every girl applicant who shows her interest in an education loan and submits documents to reach up to the log-in stage of loan processing. Both these benefits will be active during the entire month of March. Any applicant can log on to and avail these benefits.

"As a responsible NBFC education ecosystem player, we feel it is our humble duty to promote education for girls in our country. We equally believe that education financing shouldn't hinder any girl's aspirations for higher learning. Our objective is to encourage girl students to achieve their own dreams without worrying about the finances," says Neeraj Saxena, MD & CEO, Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd. The campaign is essentially directed towards women in the 18-26 age group, who look out for financing options in this crucial month and for those who find it difficult to obtain an educational loan.

Auxilo Finserve, which is a registered NBFC with RBI in 2017, has expanded its offices nationwide, to meet the growing needs of Indian students. India is accounted to send more than 5.5 lakh students to 86 countries for various courses.

To address the growing needs of the state's school education infrastructure development, including students' classroom renovation to school uniforms, under one roof, Auxilo Finserve has designed need-based customized financial solutions to be disbursed to eligible schools/institutes. It will provide financing to more than 100 schools by next year-end. The proposed ticket-size of loans, secured and unsecured, for schools/institutes could go up to Rs. 10 cr or minimum at Rs. 20 Lakh.

Auxilo specializes in providing education loans to deserving students for up to 100% of course fees. Not only that, it also provides loans on education related fees, classroom expenditures, pre-VISA, air-fares et al. It has specialized customer centres in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and is planning to expand into Bengaluru and Pune in the next two months.

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